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Sabrina Carli, Conservator


Carli Fine Art Conservation provides conservation and restoration for fine and decorative art objects, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, outdoor sculpture and monuments.

We offer expertise in treating a vast range of object types, from the smallest netsuke to large-scale outdoor installations, expertly caring for art made from stone, metal, ceramic, glass, ivory, wood and other organic materials.

We offer services for all of your object conservation and preservation needs including:

  • Restoration, cleaning and repair of artwork;
  • Installation and maintenance of outdoor sculpture;
  • Consultation on collection care and management;
  • Advice on display methods, mounts, storage and handling;
  • Collection surveys, condition reporting, documentation;
  • Exhibition planning, installation and de-installation of artwork;
  • Assessment of acquisitions, loans and exhibition requirements;
  • Packing for storage and travel, personal art courier;
  • Educational seminars and workshops on caring for and preserving artwork.

Our clientele includes private individuals, galleries, museums, municipalities and heritage organizations. All of our clients and their collections are treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Our conservation methods are exercised in strict accordance with the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice put forward by the American Institute for Conservation.


Phone: (760) 453-2984/(310) 428-5021

Email: carliconserv@yahoo.com

Website: www.carlifineartconservation.com




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